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Export Herbs is  now a Gold Supplier on the world's leading Business to Business websites in the world.

This adds to our credibility and we take pride in answering questions, quotations and processing requests.

Keep Supporting Egypt

In the wake an unprecedented mass uprising, not only in Egypt, but in the entire Middle East, these countries need the economic support of the rest of the world more than ever. 

Pumice Stone Testimonials

Although Export Herbs is one of the first Egyptian based companies to offer bulk export of black pumice stones, its popularity and use are definitely not as new.  Made from volcanic actives, the rock is made by magma and it gets its form and strange shape due to the water around the volcano. It doesn’t get enough time to shape into a solid rock and is therefore as porous as one finds it.

Requesting Samples

How to request a sample of the products we have listed

Our 1 Year Anniversary

We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary. May there be many successful business to follow.

Factory Visit Nov-12

In November-12, one of our potential clients visited our factory in Abshawai, Fayoum. 

Export Herbs Blog

Here we will keep you updated on the latest developments of the herbs industry in Egypt as well as news on Fayoum and its surrounding areas.

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