The Multiple Uses Of Hibiscus

Written by: Export Herbs

We would have to say that hibiscus is one of the herbs that can be used in the largest variety of ways. No wonder we have it available in three forms, flower 


cutcrushed and teabags.

Dried hibiscus usually refers to dried petals and other dried flower parts. The dried flower parts are usually the actual petals of the hibiscus flower or more frequently the calyces, also known as the sepals, which are the petal-like leaves right beneath the flower itself. Both calyces and petals supply the distinguishing hibiscus flavor. Stems of the hibiscus plant do not have the same flavor or nutritional content so they aren’t used. Dried hibiscus contains vitamin C, assorted minerals, numerous kinds of organic acids.

Uses of dried hibiscus:

It is most commonly consumed as a tea. The dry leaves or crushed leaves are boiled in water, which almost instantly turns the water into a blood red color. This tea can be served hot or cold, by adding sugar to sweeten the strong taste. In Egypt, it is usually taken cold by sweetening it with honey or sugar, chilled and served during lunches and dinners. It makes for a powerful thirst drenching tonic.

Other products, with hibiscus as the main ingredient, is appearing on the market these days too. Hibiscus Flower Vinegar is increasing in popularity. It is a sweet vinegar which is made from dried hibiscus infused in balsamic vinegar. This is mostly used over fruits and roasted vegetables.


Medicinal Uses:

In Egypt and Sudan, it is used to maintain a normal body temperature during the heated days of summer. It is also used to cure the throat after flue and cold. In Europe it is applied for respiratory health, to relieve constipation and promote circulation.  It’s most common use is to support healthy, normal blood pressure levels.

Beauty uses:

In Sudan, and some Middle Eastern countries, the dried hibiscus flower is burnt, pressed into ashes and rubbed into the hair. It is known to make the hair darker, stronger and shinier. Ladies often do this once a week and they claim that this plant is the reason for their extravagant hair.

So all in all, it seems that the Hibiscus Plant is definitely worthy of being called the most usable herb. 

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