Mint Hay

Written by: Export Herbs

Mint OilWhat a great concept of recycling for the lack of a better word. We recently added Mint Hay as one of our dry leaf products. Mint Hay is made from the leftover parts of peppermint plants. With all the growing and processing going on, there is quite a lot of leftovers and once we noticed people finding uses for it, we introduced it to our clients.

 One would assume that hay is only used to feed horses and live stock, but this is no ordinary hay, this is Mint Hay and the most common use is for extraction of peppermint oils. It undergoes a heating and pressing process whereby all fungus is killed due to the heat, and essential oils are created. The oils are mostly used for medicinal purposes, but in some cases, Mint Hay extraction can result in peppermint essence used for cooking and baking.

Its most common use is most likely as a mulch in vegetable and flower gardens. It adds nutrients to the soil and it is also very high in nitrogen – the main reason that makes plants grow. The Mint Hay also keeps the soil warm and restrains moisture. An added benefit is that insects, and especially rodents, are chased away by the dried mint leaves. For those who wish to negotiate the latter point, simply place a fresh peppermint plant in the kitchen and no flies will be making a menace during cooking time.

Seeing as it is a quite affordable bulk herb to buy, it makes economical sense to give it a try, whether for plantation uses or extractions.

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