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depressionDepression is a ubiquitous condition that afflicts millions of people worldwide. In many cases, as prescribed by medical professionals, sufferers use clinical drugs as their means of coping with the disease. Through the years, there have been many negative publications over the side effects of these drugs.

It only makes sense to attempt a natural cure, and if not a cure, a natural means of coping with depression. There are some easily accessible herbs that can be used on a daily basis, or in one’s diet.

One of the most popular and effective of these herbs is called St. Johan’s Wort. It grows in the subtropical parts of the world and it has shown to be as effective as the standard antidepressant drugs that are sold for mild cases of depressive disorders. It is known to alleviate sleep disorders, promotes relaxations and also boosts energy levels.depression

Although Saffron is one of the most expensive herbs, it is known to improve the symptoms of depression. Not a lot of research has been done with this herb to fully understand the effects on this illness.

Lemon Grass has been mentioned in a previous blog post for its relaxation qualities. It works as a tonic for the stomach and other digestive organs. It eases tension and panic and promotes relaxation. Nowadays it is available in teabags and capsules, which makes it simple to digest.

Depression is a serious illness and should never be taken lightly by family members. Counseling is perhaps the first step in finding a cure, followed by herbal remedies. Making use of clinical drugs should be the last resort.

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